Our COVID-19 Response- Updated June 2022

Chilliwack River Rafting adheres to current health and industry guidelines and provides an exciting local adventure. Let’s be responsible and have fun too. Whitewater rafting involves adventure, splashing and wide-open outdoor spaces, and creates an environment that can improve physical and mental health.

Our 2022 operations follow current British Columbia health recommendations and orders. These may evolve as the summer progresses and our practices will remain fluid to respond to any changes. 

  • Please do not come if you have any cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms (cough, sneezing, fever, sore throat, difficulty breathing, etc.,) or if you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19.
  • Please respect the personal space of others in closed spaces like the shuttle bus or food hall.

What You Can Do

  • Do not come rafting if you have cold or flu-like symptoms (cough, sneezing, fever, sore throat, difficulty breathing), if you have been exposed to anyone with symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Please respect the personal space of others in closed spaces like the shuttle bus or food hall.  
  • Wash and sanitize your hands regularly. Be prepared that it may take us a little longer to do check in, hand out gear, and follow protocols.

 What We Are Doing

  • Limiting access to the office.
  • Daily assessment of all our employees’ health.
  • Employee training on procedures and protocols.
  • Providing extra hand sanitizing stations and signage as a reminder to practice physical distancing.
  • Continuing to care for wetsuits, helmets, life jackets and paddles as per industry standards. Placing all gear into a rotation so that there is maximum time between use.
  • Regular cleaning of frequently touched areas.
  • Constantly reviewing all new changes and updating our response as needed.


Thanks for adventuring and supporting local businesses. Get in touch if you have any questions and we hope to see you on the river soon!

Cheers from the Crew at Chilliwack River Rafting.


Email: chilliwackriverrafting@gmail.com

Phone: 1-800-410-7238

Extreme Stoke? More like Extremely Soaked!

Transition times can be hard. Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, pants to shorts. One thing that shouldn’t be hard is choosing to have an awesome time! With the Classic Extreme wrapping up, the Chilliwack Canyon is opening and getting ready to play! Break out those shorts, slap on some sunscreen and get ready…

Chilliwack Canyon season is sneaking up!

June 2nd AM Classic-60-2

June 2, 2018 PM Canyon


But what is Chilliwack Canyon season? And how is it different from Classic Extreme?

Good question.




The Classic Extreme is our extreme high water option. Early season, as the snow melts and the water level rises, the Chilliwack Classic fills with huge waves and fast water. The first time down, everyone gets used to paddling and getting wet… AND THEN… a second, optional lap of the last 4-km of continuous class 3 and 4 is offered for those keen and stoked. On this lap, we go full send and hit things hard- where “extreme” earns its name.

The stoke from Classic Extreme  is high and that definitely doesn’t go away on the Chilliwack Canyon trip!

June 1st PM Classic-40

June 1 PM Classic Extreme


As the river transitions away from flood levels to more sane water levels, we take the rafts down a completely different section of the Chilliwack river. The Chilliwack Canyon is 14 kilometers of continuous class 3-4 whitewater above the Chilliwack Classic. Like all great things, the Chilliwack Canyon can’t stay open all year. This prime extreme rafting trip is open during medium water flows and is sure to get you dreaming of being raft guide (one of us, one of us…).

June 2nd AM Classic-62-2

June 2 Pm Canyon

Like we said, transitions are tough and the river has a mind of its own. Some days the water is screaming Classic Extreme, other days it rumbles Chilliwack Canyon. To make the transition from one season to the next easier, throw on your zip-off pants and get stoked for a good time. There is only one season – the extremely soaked season!


Let’s Go Rafting

They said it would be fun. 🙂

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Trip Planning Calendar 2018

Trip Planning Calendar 2018

We are open year round at all water flows and have four adventures to choose from.  Have you tried the Classic Extreme,  the Chilliwack Canyon, or the Inflatable Kayak Adventure?

  1.  Chilliwack Classic
  2. Chilliwack Canyon
  3. Chilliwack Classic Extreme
  4. Inflatable Kayaking 

Check out the river forecast below to see an approximation of when which trips will be open to help you plan your Chilliwack River Rafting Adventure.

trip planning calendar 2018

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Ps. Check out the first trip of 2018 below! It is never to early to raft the Chilliwack River.

Chilliwack River Rafting

January 20, 2018 Canyon Trip

Try Something New This Rafting Season

Many of our summer guests are already booking their favourite weekends for their private rafting parties.  Learn more about the four different whitewater adventures we host and use our trip planning calendar to find out when they are open.

Which Chilliwack River Rafting adventures have you done already?  Is there something new you would like to try this rafting season?

A stag group rafts the Canyon on April 8 2017

The Schipper groomsmen shred the Chilliwack Canyon on April 8, 2017.

Here are our four adventures that we host year round to reflect the river levels.

    1. The Chilliwack Classic Raft Trip
      The Chilliwack Classic
       is open year round and great for all ages and levels of rafting experience (see on calendar below).
    2. The Chilliwack Classic Extreme Raft Trip
      We had a short two-week season of The Chilliwack Classic Extreme in 2016, but are expecting a longer Classic Extreme season this year.  See when you can raft this trip on the 2017 calendar below. Keep an eye on our social media for some excellent videos and photos in the next little while.
    3. The Chilliwack Canyon Raft Trip 
      We had a long Chilliwack Canyon season last year with only a two week shut down due to high water when we run the Classic Extreme instead.  This year, the Canyon is predicted to open up around the last weekend of June and the first weekend of July. See calendar for more detail.
    4. The Chilliwack Inflatable Kayak Trip
      We started hosting the Chilliwack Inflatable Kayak trip in the first week of August 2016. This year, the inflatable kayak tour is expected to be opening up later.

tip planning calendar 2

Mout Slesse from chwk river March 26th 07

2017 River Conditions Update

After a fierce, snowy Winter and a cool, rainy Spring, it might feel like nothing good will come out of the weather. Hang on a minute, the big, low-elevation snow pack has been melting slowly! This means that we’ve been running Chilliwack Canyon and Chilliwack Classic trips at July water levels. At the same time, the higher-elevation snow pack just keeps building. This summer will have world class whitewater rafting on the Chilliwack.

Reserve your seats online and ride the melt with us.

Trip Sampler 2017

This Trip Sampler shows authentic adventures on the Chilliwack River at different times of the year. We are unique in that we are open year round and raft during a large variety of water levels. This allows us to have four diverse trips to offer;

  1. Chilliwack Classic
  2. Chilliwack Classic Extreme
  3. Chilliwack Canyon
  4. Chilliwack Inflatable Kayak .

The following pictures and videos were captured between April and September 2016.



April and May

In 2016, we hosted the Chilliwack Classic, the Chilliwack Canyon and the Chilliwack Classic Extreme trips during April and May. The water level fluctuates up and down until the end of May. Then the Chilliwack Canyon is likely to close due to high water and the Chilliwack Classic Extreme usually opens up. The Chilliwack Classic is open throughout April and May and can be modified for nervous guests to miss the extreme rapids at high water flows. No terror, but boredom is not an option here.

Chilliwack River Rafting

Chilliwack Classic Extreme on April 23, 2016

Chilliwack River Rafting

Chilliwack Classic Extreme on May 7, 2016

Chilliwack River Rafting

Chilliwack Canyon on May 14, 2016

Video from May 24 to 30, 2016



In June, the sun starts to shine more strongly and there is typically consistent high water levels. The Classic becomes swollen with snow melt and the Classic Extreme is in full swing. The Canyon will open up at medium water flows.

Chilliwack River Rafting

Chilliwack Canyon on June 10, 2016 – rare for this time of year!

Chilliwack River Rafting

Chilliwack Classic on June 11, 2016


Video from June 7 to 12, 2016



The smaller rafts are brought out and weekend camping at the raft ranch is getting busier. There are music nights, Chilliwack Canyon raft trips, and sunny Chilliwack Classic trips at medium water levels.

Chilliwack River Rafting

July 28, 2016: the Classic is a great time for families and first timers! 

Chilliwack River Rafting

Fun in full wetsuits on the Chilliwack Classic on July 3, 2016


Chilliwack River Rafting

Chilliwack Canyon on July 9, 2016 in a little sport raft “no fear”.

Chilliwack River Rafting

July 16, 2016: Chilliwack Canyon Airtime

Video from July 19 to 25, 2016



Early August offers excellent Chilliwack Canyon and Chilliwack Classic Trips. As the water becomes lower and friendlier, we bring out the Inflatable Kayak Tour to replace the Canyon.

Chilliwack River Rafting

August 18, 2016: Team-building in the inflatable kayaks!

Chilliwack River Rafting

August 29, 2016: Chilliwack Classic bonding time!

Video from August, 2016


Booking Your Trip

Find a date on the calendar below, then book online, email chilliwackriverrafting@gmail.com, or call 1-800-410-7238. Summer Saturdays sell out, so make sure to reserve your seat in advance. 🙂

tip planning calendar 2

See you on the river.

Wildlife Wednesday Part 2

Some of you might be thinking, how much more wildlife do I have to show you in this PART 2 section of WILD LIFE WEDNESDAY. Some might even be thinking “did you guys even see all these animals on the river… I mean I came on 1 trip last year and saw nothing!” Well ya, that happens. Sometimes our little friends get a wee bit shy (and sometimes our clients are also a wee bit loud… just saying haha) But they do pop their heads out sometimes to say hello and our safety kayakers/cameramen are always ready to shoot them! With the lens I mean! So here are a few more shots  and fun facts of the nature we call home!

Chilliwack River Rafting

The Salmon Run!

It’s that time of year again when one of the world’s greatest events occurs. The pacific salmon swim for thousand of miles from the salt water ocean all the way to the fresh water stream where they were born, to spawn the next generation. This year is the year of the Pink Salmon. They only come back every 2 years to spawn and its pretty amazing that they still find their way back!

Fun Fact : Salmon can smell and identify a SINGLE drop of water from their native stream in gallons of salt water on their journey home.

The Salmon Run is not only an amazing phenomenon but vital to the survival of so many of the other critters that call the West Coast their home.

Black bear at the Inflatable Kayak put in!

Black bear at the Inflatable Kayak put in!

The Black Bear and all other North American bears, especially Grizzlies, depend on the salmon run to feed themselves and their young in preparation for the long slumber ahead. So basically, they wake up, walk around a bit, eat some berries, wait for the salmon and then have a big ol’ feast!

Fun Fact: Bears don’t like to get their ears wet so when they try to pick up fish from the bottom of a lake or river they use their feet! That’s some pretty Fancy Foot work eh?

The salmon know that the bears are hunting them.. they even take precautions and scout ahead to see if the bears are waiting and where!(Pretty smart fish) Although they think ahead.. the don’t think about above….

Chilliwack River Rafting

A bald eagle telling us to back off its fresh catch!

The Bald Eagle is majestic in its hunt for salmon. It soars from above unseen by the salmon until it has it in its claws. These birds are indigenous to North America  only (including northern mexico as well) and they  LOVE salmon season, but its safe to say the salmon don’t love the birds. Watching them hunt is truly an amazing experience especially from the raft, its pretty crazy! I wouldn’t want those talons anywhere near me that’s for sure!

The Porcupine doesn’t actually hunt the salmon. But I thought he was pretty cool so I threw him in here too! So everyone, say hello to Henry. He likes to cruise around the riverbed searching for the juiciest of all the tree bark to chew. Don’t get too close though, he’s not the cuddling type.

Porcupine on the riverside on the Classic trip!

Porcupine on the riverside on the Classic trip!

As cool and important as the salmon run and our other neighbors are, animals aren’t the only awe striking sights on our trip. We also have views of mountains and trees all around us. Ask your guide to name them all, see if they know their surrounding mountain range (they should :P).

Mout Slesse from chwk river March 26th 07

Mt Slesse can be seen from most places along the river. Many clients want their picture taken with this majestic mountain in the background. It makes for quite the postcard: Sun, mountains, sexy neoprene wet suits, what more could you want for your new profile picture!

The Slesse Memorial Trail is also a  gorgeous hike that offers an amazing view of the mountain and commemorates the victims of the 1956 plane crash.

That’s it for me today! Keep checking in if you want to disconnect from the absurdity of reality TV like desperate housewives and get to know what the actual reality of life and the world we live in is!

Cheers from the staff here at Chilliwack River Rafting!